Google has got me leaning toward the side of conspiracists who say the corporation is out to take over the world.  It may very well be the secret cover for the Illuminati.  They offer a program to users called AdSense.  They place ads on your blogs and such. For every ten clicks you get half a penny, or something like that.  They don't send you a payment until you reach $100, which takes a lot of half pennies. 

Take the case of this blogger.  It took them a while to catch on, figure out how to promote their stuff.  They notice their earnings are finally starting to get somewhere. They're motivated to continue their hard work.

Imagine that blogger's surprise when they wake up one morning to find a notice from Google that their account has been suspended because of "suspicious ad clicks,"  You can't click from your own IP address. They agreed to that, checked the little box. 

The case is under review but as a reaction we've decided to pull up stakes and move the Medicine Show to a new home. All the old blogs will be archived here, and new ones are on the way.  Perhaps Google is Big Brother-type corporation that has every search you've ever queried filed away.  And all they're waiting on is the anti-chrst to come forth and take the CEO reins.  If I end up dead, Google did it for $63 they stole from me.

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