Photos of alleged evidence of the paranormal are a dime a dozen.  A quick google search will return over 5 million hits, some old classics that have been proven as hoaxes, some photoshopped horror movie characters lurking behind someone, a few photos that warrant a closer look, and the bulk being blurs, smoke, camera malfunctions, and silly kids wearing sheets.

Paranormal pictures range from purported apparitions to gnomes, lake monsters, chupacabras, UFOs, and on and on and on.  In the mid-90's a new breed of paranormal photos began appearing.  They showed what were called "rods," objects flying in the air that were reportedly naked to the eye but could be captured on film or video. 
Skeptics were quick to dismiss these rods as bugs caught flying in the air.   The rods often had appendages that sort of resembled fins.  Some theorized that their blurry appearances were due to the rods vibrating at a high frequency. They were thought to be some new type of life form, neither insect nor mechanical, and intelligent.

This summer I went on a ghost hunt to an old school house.  While outside, i snapped this picture, in which I'm pretty sure I didn't capture a flying rod.  I quite confident that  it is more likely an insect, and am leaning heavily towards a moth.
Baby Mothman?
This was taken on my porch one night.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that these are most likely some kind of insect as well, but several photos are floating around the internet very similar to this and are said to be, without a doubt, evidence of fairies.

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