A group of campers were enjoying the outdoors in Provo Canyon, Utah near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon Overlook.  They spotted some deer on a hill and hiked to get a closer look.  Then they spotted what they first thought was a bear, until it stood up and sent them running in fear.  What we get is a few shaky frames that are being called the best Bigfoot evidence to surface since the famous Patterson film from the 60s.  

Here's a still shot from the footage, shown below in it's entirety.
On October 30 the video was uploaded to YouTube and quickly made the rounds on the paranormal sites.  It was posted by a user named Beard Card, who has talked to the press but doesn't want his true name revealed. This may give some credibility to his tale, as hoaxers usually like to get credit for their work.

A CGI specialist viewed the footage and said that it was not someone in a costume because you can see muscle definition and the fur appears to be real.

Phil Poling, a video analyst with ParaBreakdown said, “Usually when we see young people involved in some kind of a hoax video, what we get is a lot of overacting, a lot of ‘What is it?", a lot of them talking over each other, pointing and performing in front of the camera,"he said. "In this case, however, what we have are individuals who are relatively quiet. They're not performing; they're not hamming it up for the camera."  He added "On the downside, what we have is a blobsquatch,  I'm sorry, but I just don't know what this is.”

Hoax videos are all about timing.  They usually take too much time building up to their climax.  This short video doesn't do that.  Skeptics argue that the creature was most likely a bear, but I've seen bears in the wild and while at first it does look like one, when it stands up it no longer resembles a bear.  It's arms appear to be more human or ape-like.  

I did some background checking and found that Beard Card didn't create a YouTube account until the day the video was posted, and the only other videos he has are a slowed down version of the original and a news segment about the footage.  That could mean a hoaxer created the account just for their hoax video, or it could be irrelevant.  Below is the video, which now has 200 subscribers and over 5 million views.  Decide for yourself.
For more information on the Provo Canyon Bigfoot sighting check out the following article:
Bigfoot like beast has hikers running scared

He added "On the downside, what we have is a blobsquatch, I'm sorry, but I just don't know what this is.”


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