Those are the headlines not from the USA Today, or CNBC, but conspiracists will definitely consider it, if not adhere to it. I’ve mentioned before how lately with the Medicine Show one blog has mysteriously led to another, and this is another of those cases.  The evening after I posted on the top conspiracy theories of 2012, which included David Petraeus’ extramarital affair as a maneuver to get out of giving congressional testimony, I walked through the door from work to see Hillary Clinton on the news.  According to the story just days before she was to give her testimony as acting Secretary of State when the attacks on the Benghazi consulate occurred, she fell critically ill with a blood clot in her brain.

If you’ve read any of the other medicine show articles, you’ll see that we try to be as bipartisan as we can and offer a fair, skewed from both sides, point of view.   We trust no one.  While not quite convincing myself, my first thought was of how conspiracists could be convinced that this latest development was a part of the Benghazi cover-up.  They would see it as a backup plan.  The Big Government machine had tried distraction tactics with an affair involving the head of the CIA, but Petraeus had been made to give his testimony despite his resignation.  Now here we have a woman, who’s popularity rating while serving as First Lady was once of the highest in recent history, and people tend to be more sympathetic toward women.  And Clinton wasn’t out sleeping around as her husband Bill or Director Petraeus had done.  She had a serious medical issue.  Would that garner enough sympathy to excuse her?  To conspiracists, this could spell cover-up more plainly than what had been one of the biggest conspiracies of the year with Petraeus. It is evolving.

If master strategist Petraeus could plan announcing an affair a year in advance, the Clinton conspiracy’s groundwork could’ve been laid when she took a fall and her staff attributed it to dehydration due to the flu.  She suffered a concussion from her fall and testing revealed a blood clot in her brain…at least that’s what the government is telling us, and the government wouldn’t lie would they?

Is it possible that Clinton’s health scare was a tactic to at least stall the congressional hearing into the “sloppy work” with the Benghazi attacks?  As you’ll recall from a previous blog and news coverage for the last three months, four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed in an attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11 and Secretary of State Clinton caught her share of the heat over the controversy. 

Whether the outrage of an anti-Muslim video that got its 15 minutes was the catalyst for the attacks or if they stemmed from an all together different matter, the Obama administration was quick to become the target for the tragedy.  Opponents said better handling of intelligence could have prevented the loss of four American lives. 

Former Presidential candidate and senior United States senator from Massachusetts John Kerry is poised to take Clinton’s seat as Secretary of State.  From the view at Lost Creek, we don’t necessarily think Hillary’s health scare was part of an Obama administration cover up of, what, an alien base or the President’s illegitimate child? But as the forensic tech that died after blogger Andrew Breitbart was pulled into that conspiracy, we’re sure it won’t be long until Hillary’s aneurysm will be drawn into the Benghazi conspiracy.

For the record Hillary’s actual diagnosis is cerebral venous thrombosis, a rare and serious condition but one from which Clinton is expected to recover from.  Had she not been the Secretary of State instead of your average Joe worrying about healthcare struggles, the rigorous tests preformed on Clinton wouldn’t have been done and her condition would likely have progressed to cause a stroke or actual hemorrhage.

"They have no idea about my Illuminati confirmation at Bohemian Grove!"

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