Angus Jones, the half man from “Two and a Half Men” made waves recently when he made a video with controversial preacher Christopher Hudson denouncing the show he works on. Jones urged viewers to not watch the show, calling it “filth.” Said Charlie Sheen of Jones’ actions, “With Angus’ Hale-Bopp-like meltdown it is radically clear that the show is cursed.” Sheen was fired from the show in 2011 after he infamously made anti semetic rants toward studio exec Chuck Lorre while most likely on a bath salt binge.

Angus’ blowup isn’t the only controversy surrounding the video.  In it, he is accompanied by controversial pastor Christopher Hudson.  Hudson’s YouTube channel, Forerunner Chronicles, has a long backlog of videos of Hudson’s sermons, on topics including Jay-Z’s illuminati membership, comparing President Obama to Hitler, and most lately stating that the gas crisis in New York City will lead to cannibalism, including the famous line, “Your baby might start looking like chicken wing.”

Here's a clip from the infamous video:
19 year old Jones found religion while attending a Seventh-Day Adventist church with his father and brother.  When he last renewed his contract he became the highest paid child actor in history, earning $300,000 an episode.  The studio has some time to figure out what to do about the Jones situation.  He didn’t appear in the last few episodes of the past season, as his character went off to join the army, and isn’t due back to begin shooting on the next season until later this year.

Jones and Hudson hadn’t met before the day the now infamous video was shot in Jones’ trailer on the Warner Brothers lot.  The video was supposed to be of Jones giving his Testimony, declaring the good things God has done for him.  The focus, instead, went straight to the denouncement of the televisions show. In the video he told Jones, “Your videos have been a blessing to me,” before going on to say that he couldn’t work on a show like Two and a Half Men and be a true god-fearing person.  Jones’ parents recently split up and in the video he talks about his feelings of ‘inauthenticity’ and feeling empty inside.  His mother has been quoted as saying she fears her son is being exploited by the church.

According to insiders when the video was released co-star Ashton Kutcher stormed into the studio executives’ offices and demanded Jones be fired.  Jones soon released another statement apologizing for his comments. “I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed. I never intended that.”  He did not clear up whether he still feels like the show that’s made him the highest paid child actor ever is filth or not. The Seventh-Day Adventist Church released a statement saying that Hudson and ‘Forerunner Chronicles ministry is in no way associated with their church. Hudson’s work has been associated with The Voice of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Los Angeles where Angus Jones worships.  His “Forerunner” tag comes from John the Baptist who was the forerunner to Jesus Christ.  Hudson has no formal ministry, his work consists of the videos he puts online.
Christopher Hudson of Forerunner Chronicles
Among Hudson’s Forerunner videos are sermons on Jay-Z’s illuminati membership as we mentioned, saying his “Blueprint” albums are evidence of his climbing of the Masonic ranks and reveal a Satanic plot.  He also compares Obama’s healthcare plan to Hitler’s policies.  One video announces Beyonce, like her evil husband, is using her music to move people away from God and toward accepting homosexual practices.  He has a whole series of sermons online dealing with the NOW (New World Order conspiracy).  He accuses Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor of devil worship, speaks on a conspiracy involving Japan and HAARP, and insists that Rick Ross’s music production is all about spreading Satanism.  He says Oprah is a disciple of Satan and that Hurricane Sandy was a harbringer of a food shortage that will lead to cannibalism and famously “Your baby might start looking like a chicken wing.” 

Hudson has a criminal history he hasn’t commented on in regard to his online ministry.  In 2005 he was stopped by police in New York and cited for driving an uninspected car with a suspended license and registration.  Months later he was charged with driving without a licecnse again when he was involved in an accident.  This past April Hudson was arrested in Columbus, GA for driving on a suspended license and failure to obey a traffic device.  He managed to post bail and was given probation for the offenses, but New York caught wind of it and he found himself back in the Nassau County Correctional Facility on Long Island due to his outstanding cases there.  His lawyers were able to reach an agreement and after his fines were paid Hudson was released.  I get the feeling that Hudson is less religious guru and more paranoid conspiracist, but we’ll let you decide for yourself.  His YouTube channel, Forerunner777 contains hours of videos expressing his views.  A self-proclaimed charismatic prophet working for the lord…makes you wonder how things would have turned out if Charlie Manson had internet access back in the day….

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