Soon I'm gonna show you how doppelgangers showed me how to use string theory to scientifically explain their existence.  This showed me how to scientifically explain the Paranormal.  All encompassing there, but that's a big project. Here, I just want to start with the beginning, where this started. 

What we have come to call Doppelgangers have been around in cultures and ideologies for centuries.  A doppelganger is a tangible, touchable double of a living person.  It is often said to be an omen of impending doom, although some cultures see the time of day of the encounter as telling of whether the event will have positive or negative outcomes. 

A FETCH is a physical double of a living person in Irish folklore.  The Vardøger is a sort of Norwegian spirit predecessor.  Encounters are like deja vu, but reverse in nature, called jamais vu.  Egyptians said that the human soul had a double, or Ka, and there was always a special tomb prepared for the Ka when a person died.

Broken down, doppelganger is the German word for 'double-walker'. Entities purported to be related to such phenomena are Wraiths.  A wraith is the projection of a person as a result of bilocation.  I'm feeding off Prue Halliwell's Charmed power of astral projection to digest this concept.  Bilocation just meaning being in two places at one time.

In my last post on the ghost of Abe Lincoln, I talked about an instance in which the president encountered a doppelganger-like figure.   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, an 18th century German poet was riding his horse down a lane one day when he saw another rider coming from the other direction.  He noted the rider bore an uncanny resemblance to him, and the other rider seemed to him to be equally puzzled or wondering. The rider he met wore a gray suit outlined in gold.  Eight years later, Goethe was riding down the same lane, coming in the opposite direction he had been going when he had the first encounter.  He saw another rider approaching.  Upon passing him, he noticed again that eerie resemblance between them.  Looking down, he realized he was wearing a gray suit outlined in gold.
Mary Shelley wrote the classic Frankenstein.  Her counterpart, Percy Bysshe Shelley, encountered his doppelganger on a beach, the double pointing to the Mediterranean.  Shelley drowned sometime later in a small boat in 1822.

Perhaps the most classic, well-known account of a doppelganger encounter(s) is the case of  Emilie Sagée, a french woman teaching in Latvia.  Emilie was liked by the faculty and seemed to be a wonderful teacher, but strange whisperings about her soon began circulating.  It seemed she had a double that would randomly appear here and there, near and not so near to the actual Emilie.  

One day a class of 13 students witnessed the double stand beside Emilie, who was writing on the blackboard.  The double mimicked her movements exactly, but held no chalk. The double was often seen in one place while Emilie was somewhere else entirely. Once all the kiddos were gathered in a hall, and Sagée could be seen through a window,  tending to flowers on the grounds.  When the supervising teacher in the hall left the room, Sagée's double entered, sat in her chair, and appeared listless.  Sagée could be seen right outside gardening.  After reports of her double were made, Emilie reported feeling 'drained'. 

Scientifically speaking, tests have been done in some country I want to say was Sweden that have produced doppelganger-like perceptions to volunteers who are subjected to electrical stimulation to specific areas of their brains.  

Stick with me, come along for the ride.  String Theory will explain to us that ghosts are just like us. Just in another quark dimension perhaps. In the meantime, if you're walking down the street and happen to walk right past yourSELF, let me know.  I can't guarantee that I can tell you what it means, but I've got a really good idea about it.  Worst case scenario, the old omen of death belief is true and you don't have much time left alive.  Could prove my string theory notion and open the doors of perception.  Either way, I can get some great documentation to further the pursuit of knowledge.  Be on the lookout........

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